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The information on this page has been developed as part of the Teaching International Students project . 2 Contents Section Page 1. The main issues: getting started 3 2. Suggestions for action 3. For some teachers, lecturing to diverse student groups can feel like trying to reconcile conflicting

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A lectern (from the Latin lectus, past participle of legere, "to read") is a reading desk, with a slanted top, usually placed on a stand or affixed to some other form of support, on which documents or books are placed as support for reading aloud, as in a scripture reading, lecture, or sermon.To facilitate eye-contact and improve posture when facing an audience, lecterns may have adjustable.

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-Monsieur Moore, he said, lecturer on French letters to the youth of Ireland. I'll be there. And flushed yet more (you horrid!), more goldenly. By Cantwell's.

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Lecturing was the way just about everyone taught introductory physics. To think there was something wrong with the lecture meant physics instructors would "have to really change the way they do things," says Hestenes. A lot of them ignored his study and kept teaching the way they always had. They insisted their lectures were working just fine.

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