The Home Equity Theft Reporter: Miami Herald: State Regulators Let Mortgage Crooks Keep Working After Catching Scammers Stealing Homes, Loan Proceeds

A Houston lawyer named Marc Murr, who’d earlier worked at the same law firm with Morales, had stepped forward after the settlement to claim a $520 million (later $260 million) share of the proceeds, a mystifying claim since participants could not remember Murr doing work on the case or being considered part of the state’s team.

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The home equity theft reporter: Miami Herald: State Regulators Let Mortgage Crooks Keep Working After catching scammers stealing Homes, Loan Proceeds; The Home Equity Theft Reporter: May 3, 2009; bad credit mortgage loans: Bad credit mortgage loans; Bank of America foreclosed on cash buyer; categories. florida home Loans Locations; Florida Home Loans News

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home in 2019 – or find the perfect rental – it helps to know what you’re up against. In many markets, the trend of a low volume of homes on the market compared to the number of buyers that has been fueling bidding wars and rapid increases in home prices may losing steam, but rising interest rates may also cause more buyers and sellers to hold off on.

Homeownership revives in Orlando The plan includes the pledge to restrict second home ownership, and St Ives mayor Linda Taylor said it was a resounding vote saying ‘communities need to flourish with a mixture of skills, ages and.

After a raid in Miami, police Sgt. Manuel Regueiro approached and punched an 18-year-old cuffed suspect in the face. The victim warned the officers they were being filmed by the home security system. So officer Alex Gonzalez stole the evidence. But he had in fact taken the system’s battery, and now both officers are being charged with crimes.

Florida City Commissioner Charged With Murder in Shooting at His Store A Florida city commissioner has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder for shooting a man he suspected of trying to shoplift a hatchet from his military surplus store, officials said.

Miami Herald: Why Airbnb is making it harder for Miami locals to find a place to rent For landlords in Miami, the secret to profits rests with renting to visitors, not locals. That was the message of a recent seminar touting the profitability of Airbnb for property investors debating whether to rent their houses and condos to long-term tenants.