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Childcare is horridly expensive in even relatively small US cities now, and as much as my wife would like to stay home and care for the kids we hope to. For a while I worked a second job at a bagel.

Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations (1776) This year I carefully timed my major Christmas grocery shop so that I’d be eligible to score a massive fuel discount voucher. It was a beauty: 35 cents per.

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Waiter Given $500 Tip For Act of Compassion in the Grocery Store Kasey couldn’t stand seeing someone sad, even if they were just a stranger to him – that’s why karma came back around to reward him the following night.

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The price of grocery items is also slightly higher than if you were to buy them at a brick-and-mortar store yourself. Tipping your shopper is encouraged, too, and can be done via the Shipt app.

A mandatory gratuity is added for large parties to ensure that a server who provides good service isn’t stiffed by a group of people who have been eating and drinking for hours and don’t remember or care to worry about a tip when they are hit with a large bill at the end of the night.